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Personal Training

At Vivas Gym you can follow both regular personal training and Muay Thai personal training. A single lesson costs 70 euros and when you purchase a 10-ride card you pay 60 euros per lesson.

Personal Training at Vivas Gym

What customers say about us

We have been working with our personal training clients for years. During the 1-on-1 lesson, in addition to working on their physical goals, they can also let go of everything around work and home. And then start the week with renewed energy.



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I have been under personal training at Irwin for about a year now. I can say with 100% conviction that this has helped me enormously physically. Not only physically, but also mentally. Irwin is the stick behind the door when you don't feel like going.

I would highly recommend everyone to take personal training with Irwin. Not only to become physically fitter and stronger, but also to become stronger on a personal level.

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